Madeira Island Quintas

Quinta Jardins do Lago, Quintinha Sao Joao, Quinta da Casa Branca, Estalagem Ponta do Sol, Hotel Quinta da Rochinha, Quinta do Furao, Casa Velha do Palheiro Quinta Albatroz Beach & Yacht Club e Quinta da Bela Vista.

Concept "Quintas"

With the intention of preserving an interesting and very valuable historic heritage, the Quintas da Madeira were recently joined as a group.

The idea came via the vision of a group of entrepreneurs who were capable to put aside differences and work together in creating a brand distinct from the rest of the industry. These are independent units, with similar characteristics common to the majority, such as:

  • The existence of an original edifice as the “Mother House”
  • To have landscaped gardens with centennial trees and indigenous floral species
  • The traditional and modern aspects integrate and merge together, paying special attention to characteristics such as luxury, comfort and well-being enhanced by modern commodities and with great emphasis on service

These hotels are able to tell something about the history of Madeira, each in a different way but all quite relevant. Some expose spectacular ancient art collections; others do it through written documents that have passed from generation to generation; others, still, are able to tell a story via a glass of wine – the famous Madeira!

To stay in one of these properties is to go back in time.

The "Quintas da Madeira" project was embraced and supported by the local authorities, because of its relevance and interest to the Region. It has recently become an official brand and category.